Capleach Jackson 8919 – a very special stallion

Capleach Jackson 8919

January 2003 – August 2017

14 years of age


Capleach Jackson 8919 is dead.  He was euthanized following an injury that did not respond to treatment.  This represents another great loss to the Suffolk Punch not just in Australasia but worldwide,.

In January 2016, the Rare Breeds Conservation Society of New Zealand began a fund raising drive to harvest semen from Jackson. 

Suffolk Punch Australia said then: “He is remarkable in that he is probably the least closely related to all the English Suffolk stallions listed on the current UK Suffolk Horse Society.   As such, he is genetic gold”.

The Rare Breeds Conservation Society of New Zealand has a limited amount of frozen semen of export quality and are asking for expressions of interest from throughout the world.

Please contact   Michael H Willis. Rare Breeds Conservation Society New Zealand.


Pedigree Chart of Capleach Jackson 8919

Jackson was bred and foaled in Australia in 2003, but exported to New Zealand as a young colt.   His grandsire was Mistyvale Oberon 8785, foaled in New Zealand;  his grand dam was Colony Zodiac 28232.   The closest time link to the UK is via his sire, Samford Jack 8850, foaled in 1996 who was exported to Australia in the late 1990’s.