Garrettland’s Golden Eagle 3036-S An Obituary


April 2010, Randy Hiscock with Garrettland’s Golden Eagle, aged nine years, and displaying all the benign majesty of the Suffolk Punch Stallion

As reported in the Winter 2017 edition of Heavy Horse World, the imported North American stallion Garrettland’s Golden Eagle died in the late English Spring 2017 in the county of Dorset, his home with Randy and Eugenie Hiscock, since December 2001.

Garrettland’s Golden Eagle’s bloodlines were an impressive combination of English and North American pedigrees.   They are roll calls of the famous studs on both sides of the Atlantic.  These bloodlines, recombined with modern day English Suffolks, have been passed down to Golden Eagle’s progeny, and  their subsequent progeny,  produced for the Donhead Hall stud.

“I believe the only way the Suffolk horse will survive the 21st century is if all the populations in the world today work together, trusting and respecting each other’s records.   With modern science and DNA there is no honest reason not to move forward together”

Randy Hiscock,
p.13 Heavy Horse World,
Winter 2017