From Foal to Full Grown – WoodBarn Albert

Foaling Date:  24th February 2004

Sire:  Samford Jack 8850  Dam:   Marlie Golden

Albert was born at 15 minutes to midnight on his dam’s birthday.  Although summer time, it was a cool drizzly night with a breeze, in contrast to that afternoon when the following photos were taken.

Golden, approximately seven hours before foaling

Golden was in peak condition for foaling, her coat gleaming with health.

She’d had plenty of exercise in a big paddock with shade trees to shelter away from the fierce afternoon summer sun.

And she had demonstrated her old Suffolk genes by proving such a ‘good doer’ that in the spring we’d had to lock her up away from all the spring grass and clover.

Face on ….
And rear on…

Face-on and rear-on, showing the bulge that will prove to be Albert in comparatively a short time.

Golden had been waxed up for a few days previously and was now beginning to drip milk as she walked.

We knew foaling was imminent and so on went the red webbing halter with foaling alarm attached.

Golden chose the most sheltered spot in the foaling paddock which is immediately behind the house.  The alarm went off, we went out, and there on the ground was Albert, so fast was it.

The following photos of him were taken the next morning.  He’s about eight hours old.  From the very first moments he was an extraordinarily strong and active foal.

Misty morning, and just a few hours old, a strong and sturdy WoodBarn Albert
A patient but weary mare feeding one strong and active Albert

Four and a half years later, this little fellow has grown into this…


WoodBarn Albert in his summer coat with owner Bev Hatch. Photographed by world traveller Jo Bowker, November 2008
WoodBarn Albert with Bev Hatch demonstrating harrowing a potato field at the 2011 Crookwell Potato Festival