From Foal to Full Grown

There is something beguiling about a new born foal.   If one is lucky enough to be close by at the foaling, those moments while both mare and foal rest, then the nuzzling of the mother to her foal, the licking clean and the persistent nudging, can be quite moving.

Then comes that extraordinary moment as the foal struggles to its feet, poised on those tiny hooves, and finds its way to the dam’s udder.   The foal’s energy resulting from those first slurps of colostrum is astonishing.

Almost daily it is possible to see the foal’s growth and development, both physically and emotionally.      Early days the foal sticks close to the mare, and she to it.    Then exploration starts, curiosity draws the foal away to investigate, usually rushing back at the dam’s call.

All our chestnut horses are born a pale chestnut which steadily darkens up as the months progress.   The pigmentation around the muzzle darkens within just a few days of birth, then around the eyes  which seems to add to the wide eyed curiosity most foals display.

The following pages show a small section of foals and what they grow into.