Suffolk Punch in Australasia today

Sadly the tiny population of Suffolk Punches in Australia and New Zealand declined in 2016 and 2017.    In New Zealand, there is only one mare left.   More recently there are hopeful signs with the births of two foals in Australia, now approaching yearling status.  Currently there are:

  • one stallion in Australia 
  • five mares:  one in New Zealand, four in Australia*
  • one filly foal born January 2017 in Australia*
  • one gelding in Australia
  • one young colt born late 2016 via Embryo Transfer.

* There appears to be the false impression that there are only two female Suffolk Punches in Australia.   In fact there are five:  three in New South Wales, and two in Queensland.

Resurgence of the Suffolk Punch in Australia

Marge and Dennis Candy successfully took up the challenge of returning the breed to Australia with the import from New Zealand of Calcott Virgo 28386 (bred by Mike Ashburn) and the colt Samford Jack 8850 from England.   These horses formed the initial Suffolk Punch breeding stock at the Capleach Stud, Inverell, New South Wales.

Samford Jack head
Samford Jack 8850 Founding Stallion of the modern day Australian Suffolk Punch

History was created in 2000 when Capleach Princess Anne 28457 was born; the first pure Suffolk Punch foaled in Australia in at least 50 years.   Soon after, Calcott Drift 28432 arrived from New Zealand, followed in later years by Calcott Iolanthe 28514.   Forge Wood Benjamin 8908, another stallion from England, also took up residence at Inverell.