WoodBarn Chloe

Foaled 30 Sep 2006

Dam:  WoodBarn Sydeley

Sire:  Forge Wood Benjamin 8908

A Type 2 filly (50% Suffolk) WoodBarn Chloe surprised us all by arriving a few days earlier than the projected foaling date.

WoodBarn Chloe at about four hours old with her Dam WoodBarn Sydeley

We moved her into the safer Round Yard and both settled down for a snooze.

First snooze

WoodBarn Chloe was born in the severe drought.   2006 was one of the worst of the 8-10 year drought.

WoodBarn Chloe at five weeks crashed out in an extremely dry paddock

Despite the drought, WoodBarn Sydeley produced more than sufficient milk for WoodBarn Chloe, on just the grass in the paddock.

Six-week old WoodBarn Chloe with her Dam, WoodBarn Sydeley

Shown here at six years old, WoodBarn Chloe was growing into her mature size.   She has retained the sweet nature she was born with.

WoodBarn Chloe November 2012