WoodBarn Hector S-3005

Foaled 21 January 2011

Dam:   WoodBarn Belle

Sire:  Capleach Fergus 8980


WoodBarn Hector, aged 6  years, is standing at stud at the Marlie Draught Horse Stud in the Southern Tablelands.   Hector’s latest foal is Marlie Troy, an Australian Draught colt born 9th November 2017.   See:  https://marliedraughthorsestud.com/2017/12/07/marlie-troy

WoodBarn Hector, Type 3 Suffolk Punch
Wearing his summer coat, at 2 years and 10 months

We feel Hector is a great example of what is achieved via breeding-up (aka grading up).   He is a whole coloured red chestnut, with dark horn hooves.    He’s good natured and friendly.    Apart from a small biscuit of meadow hay in snowy or sleet bleak conditions, he’s entirely raised on pasture, showing once again the ‘good doer’ of the Suffolk breed.

18 July 2014, light dusting of snow with wind overnight. 1 degree C when this photo was taken.

And extraordinary to look back at how little he was.   Hybrid vigour was evident when he was up on his feet before his mother.

A new day and a new foal, WoodBarn Hector at about six hours of age