Working Horses

One of the aims of the Australian Suffolk Punch Registry is to produce true working Suffolk Horses.   As with all training of any kind of horse, it  takes energy, commitment and time.

Aleks Berzins from the Marlie Draught Horse Stud Exeter, NSW, working with WoodBarn Grace at the 2016 St Heliers’ Heavy Horse Field Day.

Photos Credit:   Joan Faras, of  Faras In Focus

Crookwell Potato Festival May 2017

Warming up to work after a two hour trip from their home farm, young geldings Hank and Williams, with WoodBarn Grace, haul the harrows at Kadwell’s Potato Farm, Crookwell, NSW

Aleks Berzins with his pair of geldings, Hank and Williams demonstrates one of the stages of potato harvesting with the potato lifter. This is hard work for the horses. The lifter is pushed deep into the ground then lifts and scatters the potatoes. The horses walk either side of the hilled up furrow, with the potato lifter in the centre. Each potato then has to be lifted by hand by the humans who come after: back breaking work.

Each in their respective furrow, Hank and Williams haul the potato lifter with Aleks behind.

Aleks and WoodBarn Grace on the single mould board plough restored by Bev Hatch